June 27, 2018

Thesaurus : Doctrine

Feb. 7, 2018

Thesaurus : Doctrine

Référence complète : Leclerc, O., Protéger les lanceurs d'alerte. La démocratie technique à l'épreuve de la loi, coll. "Éxégèses", LGDJ Lextenso, 2017, 106 p.


Les lanceurs d'alerte ont acquis une place nouvelle dans l’espace public. On leur doit la révélation de scandales sanitaires comme financiers. De délateurs, ils sont maintenant vus comme des défenseurs de l'intérêt public. Cet ouvrage analyse la manière dont le droit français a accompagné cette reconnaissance du rôle positif des lanceurs d'alerte et les a protégés contre les mesures de rétorsion.


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Updated: March 12, 2016 (Initial publication: Nov. 7, 2015)


Law is a reconstruction of the world through definitions and categories, expressed in words, to which are imputed rules. There is always a share of invention in Law, articulated to a share of fidelity to the concrete world that it retranscribes, a combination enabling Law to regulate the latter.

Law is put in difficulty by what the term "data", quite new, is not easy to define. The fact that it is strangely formulated in Latin to show that there is plurality, the data, before associating it with an English adjective when there are many, the "big data", does not advance us more on what a "data" is. Law is a practical art that works well only if it manipulates categories whose definition is mastered.

This is why, in a first stage, we must recognize the uncertainties of the very notions of "data" (I), in order to orientate the adequate rules in the second step towards what is a given, namely a "pure" value in our consumer information society (II).


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