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Sept. 24, 2020

Publications : Chronicles MAFR - Compliance Law

Référence complète : Frison-Roche, M.-A., L'aventure de la Compliance, in Chroniques Droit de la Compliance, Recueil Dalloz, 24 septembre 2020. 

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Dec. 19, 2019

Publications : Chronicles MAFR - Compliance Law

Complete reference : Frison-Roche, M.-A., Legal Theory of Risk Mapping, center of Compliance Law, 2019. 

This is an English translation of an article published in French, Théorie juridique de la cartographie des risques, centre du Droit de la Compliance, Recueil Dalloz, 2019, p.

This article written in English is based on a working paper, written also in English, with additional developments, technical references and hypertext links. It is accessible  here.

Summary. The act of mapping risks is not currently defined by Law. It is only described in special laws. While risks mapping is central to preventing in Ex Ante the occurrence of crises or behaviors from which the occurrence is excluded, no legal regime is available, due to the lack of a legal definition available. This legal definition is proposed here in 5 stages, starting from special laws and specific cases to go towards a general conception. Risk mapping then appears as a concern for others taken care of willingly or by force by crucial operators, through a new subjective right: the “right to be alarmed”, the map being the structural counterpart of the character of the whistleblower. Two articulated systems of Compliance Law.


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April 15, 2019

Publications : Chronicles MAFR - Compliance Law

 Full Reference : Frison-Roche, M.-A., Compliance et personnalité, in Recueil Dalloz, n°11/7812, avril 2019, pp. 604-606



► Chronique English Summary: Compliance is often presented as a set of mechanical procedures, in which human beings are absent. It's the opposite.

It is an Information Law, in its function of preventing systemic risks and a markets protection Law, which poses the requirement of knowing “truly” the person who is “relevant”, generalizing what Company or Competition Law had partially admitted.

Even more, beyond systems, Compliance Law, insofar as it is a Protection Law, aims to protect human beings, directly or indirectly concerned, establishing them as legal persons, true final subjects of law of this new branch of Law.


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