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📝Pour une justice négociée plus équitable ("For fairer negotiated justice"), in 🕴️M.-A. Frison-Roche et 🕴️M. Boissavy (dir.), 📕Compliance et droits de la défense. Enquête interne - CJIP - CRPC ("Compliance and Due Process - Internal Investigation - DPA")

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► Full Reference: A. Mignon Colombet, "Pour une justice négociée plus équitable" ("for fairer negotiated justice"), in M.-A. Frison-Roche& M. Boissavy (ed.), Compliance et droits de la défense. Enquête interne â€“ CJIP – CRPC ("Compliance and due process - internal investigations and DPA")Journal of Regulation & Compliance (JoRC) and Dalloz, coll. "Régulations & Compliance", to be published.


► English Summary of this article (written in French): The contribution highlights both the criticisms levelled at the French legal mechanisms of the Judicial agremeemt of public interest (CJIP) and the guilty plea agreement (CRPC) in the name of the rights of the defence and the advantages offered by these new tools in the French legal system, which have been validated by the courts that are the guardians of fundamental rights and whose adoption is spreading. Their functioning should therefore be improved.

The author believes that the risk of disregarding the right to a fair trial arises rather from the misuse of these procedurse for purposes other than those for which they exist. What must be prevented is not the exchange of a non-prosecution or the negotiation of an agreement in exchange for revelations but, which is a misuse, a prejudgement of a person who did not participate in drawing up the agreement. This often happens, particularly in the case of individuals, and it violates the rights of the defence and the presumption of innocence, as well as being unfair. To remedy this, the fate of legal entities and natural persons should be more closely linked, and French Law should borrow from British Law, which involves the judge in the agreement mechanisms at an early stage to ensure that his control is effective.


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