Sept. 1, 2022

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LOCHMANN, Sabine🕴️

📝Les agences de notation ESG et l'effectivité de la Compliance face à la Compétitivité internationale, in 🕴️M.-A. Frison-Roche (ed.), 📕Les Buts Monumentaux de la Compliance

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â–ş Full Reference: S. Lochmann, "Les agences de notation ESG et l'effectivitĂ© de la compliance face Ă  la compĂ©titivitĂ© internationale" ("ESG Rating Agencies and Compliance as an effective way of increasing international competitiveness"), in M.-A. Frison-Roche (ed.), Les Buts Monumentaux de la Compliance, coll. "RĂ©gulations & Compliance", Journal of Regulation & Compliance (JoRC) and Dalloz, 2022, p. 401-412.


đź“•read a general presentation of the book, Les Buts Monumentaux de la Compliance, in which this article is published


â–ş Summary of the article (done by the Journal of Regulation & Compliance): The purpose of this article is to show that the markets, those who provide them with financing and those who draw on them, need information on the environmental, social and governance dimensions of the companies involved, ESG rating agencies are companies that contribute to the overall performance of the system and converge on the Monumental Goals that drive Compliance Law.

From this perspective, and taking Moody's as a concrete example, the article first explains the role played by an ESG rating agency and its evaluation methodology, in particular the criteria used and the way in which companies inform the markets and stakeholders in this area, particularly with regard to climate change, converging in this respect with the public authorities and with the various international texts, treaties and texts of soft law that follow one another.

This convergence between the activity of ESG rating agencies and Compliance Law in that it is organised normatively around Monumental Goals is particularly marked in the organisation of a "just transition", with the agency's activity being inserted into the construction of European texts. It thus appears that the ESG investment ecosystem is in full evolution, implying full collaboration between all participants in the financing industry for sustainable financing and, ultimately, the permanence of democracy.


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