June 6, 2014

Thesaurus : Doctrine

ALVAREZ, Luis et GOLSE, Bernard

La psychiatrie du bébé


Complete reference: Alvarez, Luis and Golse, Bernard, La psychiatrie du bébé, coll. "Que Sais-je"?, PUF, 2nd ed., 2013, 124 p.

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Baby psychiatry is based on the recently conceived idea that the baby is, from the first hours, an interacting being, endowed with competence and whose needs are very great. His condition depends largely on the way his entourage looks at him and treats him, the baby's skills as well as those of his parents allowing by interaction his development.
Therefore, the baby's troubles are specific to him, because this very period is specific.
This is how "baby psychiatry" developed.
The book describes these necessary cross-skills, interactions and disorders that may appear, such as depression or autism, as well as therapeutics.

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