May 11, 2023


📚chronique MAFR Compliance Law

📝La loi, la compliance, le contrat et le juge : places et alliances (Regulations, Compliance, Contracts, and Judges: places and alliances")

by Marie-Anne Frison-Roche

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► Full Reference: M.-A. Frison-Roche, "La loi, la compliance, le contrat et le juge : places et alliances" ("Regulations, Compliance, Contracts, and Judges: places and alliances"), Chronique of Compliance Law, D. 2023, p. 906-908.


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► English summary of this article: Compliance Law brings together the forces of regulations, contracts, and judges' decisions to achieve monumental goals so that in the future human beings will not be crushed by systems but will instead benefit from them. In this teleological and systemic branch of Law, legislators, regulators, companies, stakeholders, and judges must find their place. This can lead to bonds of obedience, a vision of 'conformity'. But conformity is only a tool of compliance, whose vigilance is the advanced point of this new branch of Law in which the alliance makes it possible to find solutions, the contract being then a usual mode of elaborating means under the control of the judge.


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