May 23, 2018

Editorial responsibilities : Direction de la collection "Cours-Série Droit privé", Editions Dalloz (33)

collection Branch, "Cours Dalloz - série Droit privé" (lecture series-Dalloz private law)

SEUBE, Jean-Baptiste, Droit des sûretés (Security Interests Law)

This manual is written in French

Professor Jean-Baptiste Seube just released the 7th ed. of his book on Law of Security Interests.

A security interest gives the creditor an additional chance to get paid. Full of property law and contract law, securities law strikes a balance between protecting the interests of creditors and interest expense. The manual gives the characteristic features of personal guarantees and guarantees given on things.

This Course is 255 pages.

Complete reference  SEUBE, Jean-Baptiste, Droit des sûretés, Coll. "Cours Dalloz-Série Droit privé", Dalloz, 1st ed., 2005 / 7th ed., 2014, 255 p.

To read (in French) the  cover back

To read (in French) the table of contents.

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