Aug. 27, 2014


What is the law, ? : explanations by Muriel Fabre-Magnan

by Marie-Anne Frison-Roche

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Introduction au droit The book of Muriel Fabre-Magnan is out. This is great. The law holds the attention of everyone all the time.

Because daily life is full of law and there is the awareness of this. Because world live has a turn increasingly legal.

Thus, the interest in the law is new, or at least has grown.

But the law is off-putting for anyone who didn't study, who doesn't practice. This mass, which is enormous and as inert, seems belch through dramatic cases or convictions shattering. Thus, the desire to discover and to understand law seems meet a sort of end of inadmissibility, seems to be hampered by the legal matter itself.

That is why everyone must buy Introduction au droit (Introduction to Law), the book (written in French) in the collection "Que sais-je ?" ("What can I know?"), by Muriel Fabre-Magnan.

By reading this book of 124 pages, one can understand what may represent the law, not only for every day but also the law in society in a civilized world.

The law is the key to a civilized system. But in a world which seems to be governed by the game of forces, the law is absent or just facade. Thus, reading, you'd think that the law is in fact very little ...

Read a presentation of the new edition of the Muriel Fabre-Magnan book : Introduction au droit.

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