May 27, 2024


🎤Le Contentieux Systémique Emergent du fait du système numérique ("emerging systemic litigation arising from the digital system"), in 🧮Importance et spécificité du Contentieux Systémique Émergent, cycle de conférences-débats "Contentieux Systémique Émergent"

by Marie-Anne Frison-Roche

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► Full ReferenceM.-A. Frison-Roche, "Le Contentieux Systémique Emergent du fait du système numérique ("emerging systemic litigation arising from the digital system"), in Les contrôles techniques des risques présents sur les plateformes et les contentieux engendrés (Technical controls on the risks present on platforms and the disputes that arise)in cycle of conferences-debates "Contentieux Systémique Émergent" ("Emerging Systemic Litigation"), organised on the initiative of the Cour d'appel de Paris (Paris Cour of Appeal), with the Cour de cassation (French Court of cassation), the Cour d'appel de Versailles (Versailles Court of Appeal), the Ã‰cole nationale de la magistrature - ENM (French National School for the Judiciary) and the Ã‰cole de formation des barreaux du ressort de la Cour d'appel de Paris - EFB (Paris Bar School), under the scientific direction of Marie-Anne Frison-Roche, May 27,2024, 9h-10h30, Cour d'appel de Paris, Cassin room


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► Summary of this conference: This speech is a prelude to the three more specific speeches and aims to show how the digital system, by its very nature, produces and will produce "Systemic Litigation". 

Systemic Litigation" is defined by "cases" (a procedural notion) brought before judges, who may be judges of first instance, or possibly emergency judges, in which the interests, or even the future, of a system are involved beyond the dispute between the parties. 

This Systemic Case may be brought before a specialised judge, including the juridictional body of a Regulatory or Supervisory Authority, but also before a judge of ordinary Law, on the basis of a special text but possibly on the basis of a text of ordinary Law. This can lead to a fragmentation of litigation, even though the unity of the system remains, or even is at stake, in the present and in the future.

The "digital system" is an example of the "natural" production of Systemic Litigation which arise as a result of the Digital System alone, in particular because of the systemic risks inherent in this system, and the fact that their prevention and management are internalised in the operators who have built and manage the system (Compliance Law). The issue is therefore one of Interregulation.

Platforms in particular give rise to Systemic Litigation because of the specific nature of certain risks, for example disinformation, terrorism, destruction of rights (copyright being just one example), the risk of minors having access to content that is destructive for them, and so on.

Digital Systemic Litigation has only just begun.

It is essential that judges are prepared for this and that they face up to it together through dialogue.








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