Dec. 2, 2020

Editorial responsibilities : Direction de la collection "Droit et Économie", L.G.D.J. - Lextenso éditions (30)

RACINE, Jean-Baptiste👤 (ed.)

📕Le droit économique au XXIe siècle. Notions et enjeux

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Full reference: Racine, J.-B. (ed.), Le droit Ă©conomique au XXIe siècle. Notions et enjeux, Coll. Droit & Economie, LGDJ-Lextenso, 2020, 726 p.



Summary of the book : Economic Law has not been so important than today, at a time of phenomenal changes in our societies. Economics are everywhere and Law is directly requested, to accompany, frame and finalize economics. Economic Law, which remain without definition, must be perceived now as a fundamental understanding tool of the realities of our time. This book proposes both to take stock of what Economic Law is at the start of the XXIst century and to give prospective analysis of what it could be in the years to come. It has been designed as a collective research based on  30 key-words (like the firm, the market, globalization, artificial intelligence). Each author has taken a notion by placing it in a logic of Economic Law. It is therefore on a transversal and thematic analysis that the book is based.

Economic Law is an open house. While it seeks diverse schools of thought, it gives pride of place to diversity. The book has been realized in this spirit. If it gather many authors from Nice's school, it is also open to other perspectives and opinions. Economic Law, through its research topics and analysis methods is in constant change. This research shows that economics is a topic which crosses every legal branches, beyond business Law. 

The book is aimed at students wishing to familiarize themselves with Economic Law process, researchers intending to explore Economic Law themes in depth, and also practitioners who are looking for keys to understanding the current issues raised by the relationship between Law and Economics. 


List of authors:

  • Jean-Baptiste Racine
  • Éric Balate
  • Jennifer Bardy
  • Jean-Sylvestre BergĂ©
  • Walid Chaiehloudj
  • Jacques Chevallier
  • Bruno Deffains
  • Catherine Del Cont
  • Pascale Deumier
  • Isabelle Doussan
  • Aude-Solveig Epstein
  • Marie-Anne Frison-Roche
  • Giulio Cesare Giorgini
  • Lemy Godefroy
  • Marie-Angèle Hermitte
  • Clotilde Jourdain-Fortier
  • Gilles J. Martin
  • FrĂ©dĂ©ric Marty
  • SĂ©verine MenĂ©trey
  • Mehdi Mezaguer
  • Eva Mouial Bassilana
  • Irina ParachkĂ©vova-Racine
  • Thomas Perroud
  • ValĂ©rie Pironon
  • Patrice Reis
  • Fabrice Riem
  • Jean-Christophe Roda
  • Mahmoud Mohamed Salah
  • Fabrice Siiriainen
  • Katja Sontag
  • Marina Teller
  • Anne Trescases


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