April 25, 2014


Working Paper

The promethean nature of the future banking and financial regulatory law

by Marie-Anne Frison-Roche

The document must be referenced at the following address: http://mafr.fr/article/5-nature-Promethean-the-right-to-build-/

This working paper was prepared as a basis for a contribution to a forthcoming volume of the collection Le rapport moral de l'Argent dans le Monde ( The Moral Report of Money in the World).
It develops the idea that everyone has the impression that the law is more powerful than ever in banking and financial regulation: Law invades everything and appears in its most terrible form that is criminal and repressive administrative law. It seems that the beginning of everything is Law !
But in reality, we must consider that the law is weaker than ever. Indeed, if the law of banking and financial regulation has become primarily repressive, it is because it is weak. It took the form of a multitude of microscopic rules and  punishment is only lending its force to any prescription. Repression has lost its autonomy, and has become a sort of simple enforcement of civil multiple rules.
Moreover, the legislation degenereted into regulations. The Regulation goes into a random pile of incomprehensible and complexe requirements. On the contrary, the operators would need a law that fixed in advance and clearly a few strong lines of conduct.
So it is a weak and shoddy law which the banking and financial regulators are building for the future. It will be severe only because it will be weak and  poorly done.

The lawyer will be be as chagrined as the financier is.

The French version of this Working Paper is avaible by a click on the French flag.

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