Jan. 7, 2004

Editorial responsibilities : Direction de la collection "Droit et Economie de la Régulation", aux Presses de Sciences Po et aux Editions Dalloz

Direction of the Direction "Droit et Economie de la Régulation" " [Edition of Law and Economics of Regulation" serie]

2. 2. Règles et pouvoirs dans les régulations économiques [ Rules and Powers in economic regulation]

by Marie-Anne Frison-Roche

This collective publication is written in French

Economic Regulation renews the legislative art because the law can no longer impose hierarchically to people: it must convince operators who accept the relevance of the demonstration is made. Thus the authority by rationality has replaced classical notion of sovereignty.

These new qualities of legislative discourse allow the authors of the standards, norms and decisions, including the regulator, to participate in the "concert of regulation."

This new legislative art must also tend to increase the internal consistency of regulation and we can think of a framework law in this direction, especially regarding regulatory authorities.

Complete reference : FRISON-ROCHE, Marie-Anne [ed.],  Règles et pouvoirs dans les régulations économiques, Série "Droit et Economie de la Régulation", Presses de Sciences Po – Dalloz, 2004.

To read the Marie-Anne Frison-Roche article [in French] : "L’art législatif requis par les nouvelles régulations économiques".

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