14 octobre 2021

Base Documentaire : Doctrine

RAPP, Lucien👤

Compliance, Proportionality and Normativity, in Frison-Roche, M.-A. (ed.), 📘Compliance Monumental Goals

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► Référence complète : Rapp, L., B., Proportionality and Normativity, in Frison-Roche, M.-A. (ed.),Compliance Monumental Goals, series "Compliance & Regulation", Journal of Regulation & Compliance (JoRC) et Bruylant, à paraître.


► Article Summary (done by the Author): Proportionality is to the exercise of powers what subsidiarity is to the exercise of competences: an indicator as well as a limit. It determines the scope and allows for control at the same time. It sets the standard, before being a standard itself. This may explain why, in principle, it is part of the judge's office and his methods of assessment. But a study of its recent evolution shows that it is gradually moving from the ex-post to the ex-ante, which makes it possible to anticipate that it will soon become an effective tool of compliance policies and a useful normative reference. The following developments demonstrate this, by explaining how one moves from the principle of proportionality to proportionality control, from proportionality control to proportional reasoning, from proportional reasoning to compliance control, and finally, in a last desirable evolution, from compliance control to the necessary proportionality of control. 


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