Restoring the legal news economically

July 11, 2019

Teachings : Restoring the legal news economically

This is a new course for students in the last part of the curriculum in the School of Public Affairs at Sciences po (Paris), having a certain knowledge in public policy and economics, even but not necessarily in Law. 

It is given in French.

Some students have followed the course of Droit commun de la Régulation Common (General Regulatory Law - first semester), even the course of Droits sectoriels de la Régulation (Sectorial Regulatory Law), but that does not constitute a pre-requisite, but it is rather to follow the legal news from an economic angle.  Law is therefore given by the news itself and by the professor, the student having to have some knowledge in economics and public policies to benefit from it.

The course is entirely made by Professor Marie-Anne Frison-Roche, students being invited to intervene when they wish, during the presentation of the legal news, apprehended from the economic and public policy angle.


See below for more details of this course.